• CMP products qualified for offshore standards

    NORSOK M-501 is a coating standard developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry to meet North sea operation in a harsh environments.

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    CMP-Monitoring & Analysis Program (CMP-MAP) offers a valuable method of monitoring and analysis developed based on our years of experience.

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    Silyl technology hydrolysis antifouling SEA GRANDPRIX 950 L, newly launched.

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    “Barnacle & slime free” antifouling SEAFLO NEO CF PREMIUM has made the record of more than 100 applications for less than a year since its product launch last year.

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  • Premium range of new CMP antifouling

    Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd. (CMP) unveil new products, utilising new biocide technologies.

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  • Mose Project

    Our products have been adopted for a movable tide embankment project (Moses Project) to prevent flooding in Venice, a city in northern Italy.

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  • CMP’s Technical Support System

    For the best performance of coatings, we offer technical advices from our dedicated staffs to customers all over the world.

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  • FIR theory

    We have established FIR theory which can estimate the Friction Resistance by measuring and evaluating roughness(Rz) and wavelength(RSm) of the paint surface.

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R&D (Research & Development)

CMP believes "technology" is one of the mostimportant keys to be a reliable company in terms of both products and service to customers. 

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