Power analysis

Biofouling has significant impact on vessel performance. CMP originally developed a hull monioring method which uses data from on-board ships. This analysis method is based on the idea of ISO19030. The indicators, i.e. speed power curve, trend curve and performance indicators are calculated for visualizing the hull performance.


Data from on board ships

Speed (Log/ OG)

Fuel consumption / shaft power

Wind speed and direction

Swell height direction and spectrum

displacement etc.


Speed power curve

Trend analysis at constant speed

Hull performance Indicators

Source : The Naval Architect / January 2018 / Ship owner)

  • Heavy Barnacle

  • Slime


Measurement of changes in hull and propeller performance New standard on performance monitoring

CMP has been participating in the pilot maritime cluster joint research project for Evaluation of Ship Performance in the Actual Sea led by the National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology of Japan and National Maritime Research Institute of Japan.

ISO 19030 Standard

The ISO has published ISO19030 (Ships and marine technology -- Measurement of changes in hull and propeller performance) on November 15, 2016. This is the ISO standard to evaluate how much biofouling on hull and propeller affects for the ship performance, composed of the following three Parts:

ISO 19030 (Ships and marine technology -- Measurement of changes in hull and propeller performance)

Part 1: General principles

Part 2: Default method

Part 3: Alternative methods

CMP was deeply involved in the development of this standard from the very beginning. The ISO 19030 Part 2 is the default method with which analyses should be conducted based on sea trial, model ship test or CFD result. Those tests are often conducted on dissociated condition (especially draught condition) with actual operating condition. The ISO 19030 Part 3 is the alternative methods, which has been established representing our opinion. Japanese shipping companies and CMP had been involved to make a proposal, through the industry organization, that there should preferably be alternative methods which would make it possible to evaluate easily and accurately the vessel performance based on the actual operation data.

CMP will conduct the evaluation of the actual hull performance using necessary data provided by each customer, in accordance with the ISO 19030.

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