EVAMAX 2000 F, its Exceptional protection

Recently, an evaluation result about performance has been reported by a ship owner whom adopted EVAMAX 2000 F 5 years ago with their appreciation.

EVAMAX 2000 F is high end product in CMP’s cargo hold coating range. 5-year result could be confirmed.

Result reported

5-year performance No corrosion & no damages

Vessel’s detail

50,457DWT Bulk Carrier (Built 2003)

Cargo: Hard cargo (50%) / Grain etc. (50%)

Application of EVAMAX 2000 F : 2013

Technical Evaluation

For comparison purpose, different coating systems were applied on Port side and Starboard side.

Portside adopted Glass flake anti-abrasive coating as primer with 250 mic., followed by UMEGUARD SX HS (100 mic.) which is conventional cargo hold coating(Total 350 mic.), then EVAMAX 2000 F 250 mic. (in Total) for Starboard side.

EVAMAX 2000 F system shows almost the same performance with glass flake adopted system.


A. Specification (Starboard side)

  • Surface preparation: Full blasting ISO Sa2
  • 1st coat: EVAMAX 2000 F Grey 125 mic. * 1 coat
  • 2nd coat: EVAMAX 2000 F Red Brown 125 mic. * 1 coat
  • Dry film thickness: Total 250 mic.

B. Specification (Port side)

  • Surface preparation: Full blasting ISO Sa2
  • 1st coat: Glass flake anti-abrasive primer Red Brown 250 mic. * 1 coat
  • 2nd coat: UMEGUARD SX HS Red Brown 100 mic. * 1 coat
  • Dry film thickness: Total 350 mic.

Due to its contents Glass flake pigment, glass flake primer is relatively costly than EVAMAX 2000 F system and requires thicker DFT like 250 mic. to perform as desired. Moreover, glass flake primer does not have FDA certificate, therefore subsequent coat like UMEGUARD SX HS  which has FDA certificate shall be required to carry grain cargoes.


EVAMAX 2000 F shows excellent result after 5 years from its fresh application.

The result was equal to or more than glass flake type anti-abrasive heavy duty coating.

Considering material costs of painting system, EVAMAX 2000 F is one of best solution to protect cargo holds from hard cargoes.


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