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Chugoku Paints B.V., also known as CPBV Europe, the headquarters of Chugoku group in European regions, is located in Heijningen which is in the south-western Holland, just in between the main port of Europe, Rotterdam and Antwerp of Belgium. CPBV has been manufacturing various types of marine paints, and "SEAJET series" which is now ranked as one of the most reputable yacht paints Europe-wide and also provides paints throughout Europe via an in-depth "Supply Chain" network of warehouses that are at the key-locations of Europe.

CPBV's factory, completed in March 2017, is one of the most innovative paint factories in the world, using only the highest quality in machinery with virtually almost unmanned operation. The realization of this new, automated factory enables production within a sealed space, thus suppresses VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions. Further, a large part of the power is generated through solar panels, and an earth heating and cooling system is also implemented. Ecological footprint in the Netherlands has now decreased to protect the Earth and our future.

Robotized Packaging line

Automated production units

Raw material handling station


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Add: Sluisweg 12, Heijningen, 4794SW, Netherlands




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Copyright © Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.