Important Announcement

Counterfeits of CMP brand products

Dear Valued Customer,

Recently, in West Africa, CMP found counterfeit products with our brand name on the labels. Those products are closely made to imitate the appearance of our products as to mislead consumers, and those are not products manufactured and sold by CMP.
There are some differences in appearance as below pictures and may even be risks for coating performances. Counterfeit products are marketed as anticorrosives, finishes, antifoulings, etc. for marine coating purpose.

  • CMP product
  • Counterfeit product

To protect you from the risks to be caused by such counterfeit products, if there are any suspicious points on the products purchased as CMP products, please contact your nearest CMP sales representative or licensed distributors.

Please note that CMP will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the counterfeit products.

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