Silyl technology hydrolysis antifouling SEA GRANDPRIX 950 L, newly launched.

SEA GRANDPRIX 950L establishes a stable antifouling performance by the latest advanced silyl technology in the well-known SEA GRANDPRIX series, with proven performance results, for worldwide trading ships. The CMP’ s unique silyl polymer is well designed to provide a high antifouling performance, smooth surface as well as the physical property that contribute to fuel saving and low greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Outstanding antifouling performance
  • Long life-time up to 90 months
  • Good overcoatability
  • Achieving low greenhouse gas emissions
  • Low numeric FIR value
  • Straight line polishing

CMP’s unique silyl technology

A silyl based polymer was invented since CMP voluntarily stopped distribution of TBT antifouling in 1993 before AF-S convention was ratified. The silyl polymer with a constant polishing rate and the hydrolysis reaction during seawater trading provides the outstanding antifouling performance for a long period in combination with specific biocides. CMP can provide a long-life antifouling performance by controlling the leaching rate of unique silyl based products through different product formulations.

Straight line polishing

SEA GRANDPRIX 950L enables straight line, continuous polishing throughout the entire in service life of the system.

Active zone control

The active zone of SEA GRANDPRIX 950L is continuously controlled throughout in the service period to deliver high performances.

Static performance

Please see the immersion test result in static condition.

8 months seawater immersion result in Hiroshima, Japan.

3D diagram – Smooth surface

Improved FIR value contributes smooth surface.

※FIR=Friction Increase Ratio

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