Recent achievements

  • RORO,Applied for vertical & flat bottom / 24-month system in Greece.

  • Product Tanker, Applied for vertical & flat bottom / 30-month system in Greece.

  • 81K Bulk Carrier, Applied for vertical bottom / 60-month system in China.

  • 40K Chemical Tanker, Applied for vertical bottom / 24-month system in Romania.

  • 163K Tanker, Applied for vertical bottom / 60-month system in Portugal.

  • 92K Bulk Carrier, Applied for vertical & flat bottom / 60-month system in China.

  • 2,900TEU Container Carrier, Applied for vertical and flat bottom / 90-month system in China.

  • 76K Bulk Carrier, Applied for vertical bottom / 30-month system in China.

  • 28K Bulk Carrier, Applied for vertical bottom / 36-month system in Romania.

Hydrolysing self-polishing tin free antifouling coatings

SEA GRANDPRIX 880 HS utilises CMP's unique hydrolysing technology with hydrolysis compounds and highly advanced biocide release rate controller.

SEA GRANDPRIX 880 HS exceeds the high performance achieved from SEA GRANDPRIX 330 R and SEA GRANDPRIX 660 HS provided under normal trading conditions since 2004. More than 5,000 vessels were coated in the last 11 years including over 3,500 vessels completing their 60 months in service period successfully to date.

  • After 60 months

  • After 60 months

Good results of SEA GRANDPRIX 660HS, 5-year system

SEA GRANDPRIX 880 HS is designed and engineered to perform operations during global trading and when idle/static periods cannot be avoided.


Performance during extended lay up periods  "Meeting the static Challenge"

SEA GRANDPRIX 880 HS is a new high performance, advanced technology to meet the specialized market demands relevant to situations such as low activity and slow operation, among others. For guarantee conditions, please consult CMP.

SEA GRANDPRIX 880HS still keeps good condition

Smooth surface technology - Low FIR* 6.9% (Friction Increasing Ratio)

SEA GRANDPRIX 880 HS has the advantage of having a low FIR(%) that produces a smooth antifouling paint surface. Achievement of such a low FIR(%) emanates and evolves from the long and proven experience and outturns CMP have from SEAFLO NEO series being widely applied with excellent results on several types of new constructions and active vessels operating on a global basis.

SEA GRANDPRIX 880HS provides smoother surface

* FIR (Friction Increasing Ratio) (%) indicates the increased ratio of friction resistance of a paint film surface compared to the friction resistance of a smooth surface (mirror like). In short, the lower the FIR (%) value is, the better the resistance to friction will be. In other words, a vessel coated with a lower FIR% antifouling coating will have lower fuel consumption in comparison with another antifouling coating of a higher FIR%.

High volume solids - 65±2%

SEA GRANDPRIX 880 HS is one of the highest volume solids antifouling coating in the world. Its 65% high volume solids formulation reduces paint consumption and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Long life anti-fouling, up to 90 months period between dry-dockings

Controlled self-polishing action is achieved when SEA GRANDPRIX 880 HS comes into contact with seawater, providing an efficient polishing action, a long lasting antifouling performance, a controlled release of biocides over time and a reduced leached layer.


"Meeting the static challenge"

June, 2018


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