About Us

Management Philosophy

We are aware that it is our management priority to carry out our social responsibility for stakeholders, and globally operate our activities in the medium and long term, within the scope of the Management philosophy as defined below.


Ensure customer trust and satisfaction with the highest possible quality.


Strive from a global perspective to continuously achieve technological innovation and develop new products.


Secure ongoing existence and profits through scientific management.


Pledge just and upright conduct based on guiding principles of honesty and a respect for general harmony.


Contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society through our business activities and enhance the prosperity of all stakeholders.

CMP Group's Code of Conduct


We shall be aware of changes in the values of our society and in the state of the world from a global and long-term point of view. We shall carry out our businesses based on a medium-to-long-term perspective, not being distracted by temporary, speculative, and short-sighted focus on profitability.


We shall give serious consideration to rigorous compliance with the law, to our international reputation, and to commercial ethics, and maintain the reputation of the CMP Group as a whole. We shall continue to consider conventional trade practices and aim for fair trade in line with corporate ethics and social common sense.


We need to engage in free and fair competition in our relevant markets and in sound rivalry with our competitors, so that we develop ourselves with the stimulation of fair competition such that development contributes to benefits for consumers. We shall impose serious penalties on any action against Anti-Trust Laws in the course of dealings with our competitors, especially as regards bid rigging.


We shall not fail to give consideration to environmental issues such as manufacturing. We shall take care with respect to the maintenance of the environment and the environmental impact of our businesses on humans, and shall not hesitate with respect to expenses incurred in adopting sound environmental measures. If, in any case, those expenses render a business unprofitable, such business shall be discontinued or its activities restricted.


We shall make efforts to maintain mutual recognition and integration with local communities, disclosing our company activities by way of conducting field trips and holding explanatory sessions, and so forth, on our premises as required.


We shall not engage in any relationship with Special Shareholders or organized crime syndicates. Such relationships have no relevance to our businesses.


We shall not allow discrimination on the basis of race, gender and belief, or tolerate sexual harassment, whether on our business premises or not.


We shall treat personal and confidential information appropriately.


We shall remain strictly neutral and non-partisan regarding elections as stated in the Public Office Election Law.


We shall refrain from any sales or purchases of shares of our company or of our business counter-parties that may raise any suspicions of insider trading.

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