Coating technologies

CMP products qualified for offshore standards

NORSOK M-501 is a coating standard developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry to meet North sea operation in a harsh environments.
CMP-Monitoring & Analysis Program (CMP-MAP) offers a valuable method of monitoring and analysis developed based on our years of experience.

Premium range of new CMP antifouling

Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd. (CMP) unveil new products, utilising new biocide technologies.

Mose project

Our products have been adopted for a movable tide embankment project (Moses project) to prevent flooding in Venice, a city in northern Italy.

FIR theory

We have established FIR theory which can estimate the Friction Resistance by measuring and evaluating roughness(Rz) and wavelength(RSm) of the paint surface.

CMP’s Technical Support System

For the best performance of coatings, we offer technical advices from our dedicated staffs to customers all over the world.