Risk Management System and Compliance

■Risk management system

The business environment surrounding CMP Group is always changing and requires CMP to respond quickly to various risks. Under the basic policy; "Establish the effective and efficient Risk Management System to achieve Human Safety, Continuous Development of Corporate Value and Mutual Trust with Stakeholders", CMP Group forms various committees and keeps improving the system. These committees include Compliance Committee, System Planning and Operating Committee and others in support of the Risk Management Committee. We consolidate the control system for prevention, detention, correction, recurrence prevention of such anticipated risks, and for response to crisis.


The Sustainability Committee has been established to strengthen the CMP Group's sustainability initiatives and develop a structure to systematically promote them from the perspective of increasing the Group's corporate value over the medium to long term. The Committee, chaired by the company’s President, is composed mainly of Chiefs of Headquarters and executive officers, and will be responsible for deciding on company policies and other matters relating to sustainability of the Company, as well as promoting and executing the initiatives.

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