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Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy of our customers is of significantly importance for Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd. Please refer to the following for our policies of how we obtain, use, protect customers’ personal information to help customers understand such our policies in operating and managing our company website.

1. Personal information provided by customers
To provide information about our products and services, we request customers to provide personal information such as name, address, phone number and e-mail. Other than that, we may request additional information with the customers’ consent for better and suitable follow-up (some information are still necessary).

2. Cookies
We may send “Cookies” in order to provide more convenient web services to users. ”Cookies” are NOT harmful to your computer at all. Customers can change the setting of internet browsers like “Reject all cookies” or “Alert prior to sending cookies”, however, this kind of settings may limit customers’ convenience in using our website.   

3. SSL (Security)
To make sure the security of customers’ personal information, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer: Industry standard encryption technology). Personal information is encrypted and sent safely as far as customers’ browser conforms to SSL protocol.

4. Use of personal information
Our purpose of the use of customers' personal information is shown on each page of the website concerned. We declare that we never use such information for the purposes other than that described on such pages.

5. Information transfer to a third party and use for the secondary purpose
We may be required to transfer customers’ personal information to a third party for the service requested by customers. In such case, we ask customers for permission prior to such transfer and the information to be transferred to such third party will be kept to the minimum to fulfill the request. For example, in case that a customer requests to purchase products from our agent or distributor, we provide necessary information to such agent or distributor. Other than the above, we never disclose personal information to any third party without customers’ permission. However, in an emergency case to protect human life and/or human rights or when legally required, we may have a right to transfer customers’ personal information without prior consent.

6. Personal information management
We strictly manage and keep all of personal information provided by customers through our website. Such customer’s personal information can be accessed by CMP website administrator only and protected firmly by reliable technologies. In the case of outsourcing our website operations or our management of personal information, we will strictly supervise such outsourcing company.

7. Responsibility of customers
Customers can sometimes access to other websites from links in our website. Customers access such other websites at their own risk and CMP is not liable under any circumstance to any damage caused by any kind of information acquired by customers by disclosing customer’s personal information to such other websites linked from the CMP website or by disclosing customer’s personal information to such websites.

8. Contact us
Please contact us by mail or e-mail if you have any queries or if anything is not clear about CMP's policy on protecting personal information.

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