The CMP Group is engaged in a wide range of production activities, from basic to advanced materials and products. Furthermore, to provide our customers with the best solutions, we maintain a worldwide network of production locations and global operation functions. This enables us to serve our customers with integrated operations through a geographically optimized structure. Moreover, based on our Corporate Mission of offering our customers new value and high-quality products and services, each of our products is produced with a Japanese plant as a global mother plant. This ensures the continual development and enhancement of our production technology, and as a result, CMP maintains the industry's highest levels of product quality worldwide.

About 105 bases in 35 countries

We have established a user service system around the world as one of the most important issues of global expansion. Backed by the trust and performance of our founding 100 years, our service network for manufacturing, supply, sales and technology alliances has reached 105 bases in 35 countries.

As an international company, we will continue to enhance our network focusing on expansion of our own production plants by organic collaboration and information exchange with group companies and partners, and will further enhance our network by collecting a wide range of information, analyzing information.

CMP worldwide

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