Research & Development

CMP believes "technology" is one of the most important keys to be a reliable company in terms of both products and service to customers. Our technologies come to the world from the significant cross-border studies by several departments from material analysis to product planning. CMP is also active in joint research programs with research institutions. CMP has been launching innovative products which meet environmental requirements and efficiency and will never stop its challenge to the technology.

Our R&D activities always aim to reliable and environment-conscious products. Core products are manufactured and supplied worldwide. We develop products taking in global ideas at our technical research centers in China, Singapore.

Always looking ahead to the future, our R&D covers from basic research on materials to brand new coating technologies. Feedback from customers received through Sales Department are positively reflected in our product developments.

Doing thorough experiments and making full use of advanced inspection equipment, the company conducts research into basic/applied coating technology, promoting mid/long term research activities in areas ranging from material science to the development of high performance, and quality products. In order to reflect customers’ product-related requirements, which are necessary in effective R&D, information is actively exchanged with the Sales department. The results of R&D are applied widely in new product innovation, environment protection, and improvements in existing products.

Unveiled "Premium range of new CMP AF"

Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd. (CMP) unveil new products, utilising new biocide technologies.

Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd. (CMP) unveil new products, utilising new biocide technologies. The initial phase of the R&D program focusing upon the new biocide technologies was finalized well over 10 years ago, hence since half way through the last decade over 100 trial applications with the new biocide technologies were continuously carried out on commercial ships and are now resulting in 10 years of ship outturn experience and data providing the confidence to introduce the new products emanating from such technologie.

Coating technologies

CMP products qualified for offshore standards

NORSOK M-501 is a coating standard developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry to meet North sea operation in a harsh environments.
CMP-Monitoring & Analysis Program (CMP-MAP) offers a valuable method of monitoring and analysis developed based on our years of experience.

Premium range of new CMP antifouling

Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd. (CMP) unveil new products, utilising new biocide technologies.

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