9 April 2024

Hull data analysis service "CMP-MAP" awarded Innovation Endorsement Certification by ClassNK

As a new phase of the CMP-MAP hull data analysis service that we have been providing since 2019, We are pleased to announce that two elemental technologies of "CMP-MAP" have been awarded Products & Solutions (P&S) certification under Innovation Endorsement by ClassNK.



The hull data analysis service "CMP-MAP" aims to improve the fuel consumption during the life cycle of a ship by combining a PDCA cycle, including performance prediction and evaluation, with high-performance antifoulings.

The elemental technologies that have now been awarded P&S certification are as follows.

(1) PIR simulation (PIR: Power Increase Ratio)*2

PIR simulation is performed by combining "Frictional resistance estimation using 3D hull roughness analyzer and FIR theory ver 3.0" and “Changes in the performance of antifoulings over time, such as hull fouling”. The benefits of using high-performance antifoulings can be estimated in terms of reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as improved CII ratings.

(2) Performance and operational profile analysis solutions

Performance analysis is carried out in accordance with ISO 19030, using actual data provided directly or via a sharing platform such as IoS-OP*3. The analysis results are visualised as parameters such as average speed loss and power increase ratio, as well as the benefit applying our products on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Operational profile analysis visualises the operational and berthing status of a vessel based on the actual data obtained from the AIS database. The results are used to propose and develop antifoulings optimised for the operational profile of each vessel. The synergy between these analysis results and the PIR simulation in (1) allows even more optimal coating specifications to be proposed.

As part of our Digital Transformation (DX), we are promoting the visualisation of the performance of antifoulings using CMP-MAP.

We will continuously contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions from ships by reducing fouling and resistances.

*1 Innovation Endorsement:A service by ClassNK to support innovative initiatives through third-party certification. The aim is to encourage the spread and development of a number of innovative technologies, including the sharing and utilisation of data from ships, to further improve environmental protection and safety at sea, and to support sustainable development as set out in the SDGs.

*2 A free CMP-MAP web application, including a simplified version of the PIR simulation, is available. (Click here for more information)

*3 Internet of Ships Open Platform (Click here for more information)


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