Privacy policy for customers and business partners in the EU region

CHUGOKU MARINE PAINTS, LTD. ('Chugoku') processes personal data of its customers and suppliers and regards good treatment of personal data in relation to privacy law as extremely important. Chugoku is responsible for treating your personal data with care.

1. Purpose of the processing

Chugoku processes your personal data in order to ensure that we are able to comply with our obligations as a customer or supplier. This processing of your personal data forms part of that contract (of sale) and/or order. This data is necessary for invoicing and in order to enable both parties to perform their work properly. It is also possible that we will be required by law to pass on your data to other parties, such as the Tax and Customs Administration.

Chugoku does not store your data longer than necessary for the purposes of processing. The storage term may therefore vary, depending on the purpose.

2. Obtaining personal data

Chugoku gathers privacy-sensitive information in order to be able to perform administrative tasks in relation to the above contract as effectively as possible. Part of the information that you provide us is received by e-mail and telephone, such as your name and address details and the name of your company. It is also possible that we will receive information on you from third parties. We need this data in order to execute our rights and obligations as a customer/supplier and to comply with our statutory obligations.

This could include:

- Contact details

- Nationality

- Images

- Credit reports

- Customer number

- Country of registration

- Bank account number

3. Use of personal data

We always base the processing of this data on the need and will not process more data than is necessary in order to comply with our rights and obligations as a customer/supplier. This includes the outsourcing of administrative tasks or a customer satisfaction survey. We also use your data to monitor your performance in our supplier assessment database. However, this always remains the responsibility of Chugoku.

4. Access to personal data

As a customer and/or supplier of Chugoku, we enable you to make use of your statutory rights under the privacy legislation. This means that you can always submit a request to view the data concerning you that we process.

You can also submit a request to change, limit or fully erase data from the Chugoku systems. You always have the right to supplement or correct inaccurate data. If you send us a request to view, limit or erase your data, we will assess whether this is possible. We comply with the statutory requirements in this assessment and, for example, check that we do not have any statutory obligation to store certain data.

You also have the right to request that we transfer the data concerning you that we process to you or to another organization.

You can address requests and/or questions to the data protection officer of Chugoku. This officer can be contacted by e-mail:

Your written request will be handled within one month.

If you do not agree with Chugoku’s privacy policy, you have the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA). All contact details can be found on the DPA website at

This Privacy Policy has been drawn up with the greatest possible care. If you nevertheless see a reason for a supplement or improvement, please notify of this by e-mail via: