Ultra low friction antifouling, providing spectacular performance against slime and barnacles in all conditions experienced by vessels operating worldwide.

“Barnacle & slime free” antifouling SEAFLO NEO CF PREMIUM has made the record of more than 100 applications for less than a year since its product launch last year. Thanks to our clients for the selection of SEAFLO NEO CF PREMIUM which has been inspired by CMP’s zinc acrylate polymer technology and new biocide Selektope®. We are monitoring actual performance of SEAFLO NEO CF PREMIUM together with our clients.

 Recently, an evidence of the effectiveness has been introduced in “The Naval Architect” (the link to their webpage is shown down below). We are still on the way to fully prove it to the level of our expectation, but we believe that it will be welcomed by the industry with big surprise and will contribute to protect environment. SEAFLO NEO CF PREMIUM is not only for hull coating in drydock; we are ready to supply for newbuilding project from now onwards.

Container Carrier (8,900TEU)


  • check_boxSpectacular AF performance when static - 45 idle days guaranteed*

  • check_boxApplicable on all existing antifoulings & all types of ships*

  • check_boxExcellent appearance without discoloration

  • check_boxUnique patented biocide technology -Selektope®

  • * Consult CMP

Proven Performance:

Japanese coastal vessel after 2 years

Barge (2,703DWT)

New product on the left

Coastal vessel in Tokyo Bay after 1 year(Very low running activity)


The key of SEAFLO NEO CF PREMIUM is Selektope® (Medetomidine). It performs anti-barnacles function 500 times more than cuprous oxides, while decreasing its content rate to very small quantity with consideration to the environment. Selektope® combats barnacle settlement by temporarily stimulating the barnacle larvae's swimming behavior and making them unable to attach to the ship's hull. Please refer to the mechanism of anti-barnacles shown below.

The Barnacle Mechanism

Anti-barnacle mechanism (movie)

What you can expect from SEAFLO NEO CF PREMIUM :The operation condition of Calypso, a ship from which our data was taken, is very severe with biofouling because her average running activity is only 50% and more than 50% of her operating time is in biofouling hotspots with 25℃ (up to 32℃), in addition she had a long idle period of 1 month in between times. However totally no biofouling was confirmed on her hull with SEAFLO NEO CF PREMIUM after 24 months service, and increased total resistance of only 7% was calculated, compared with a benchmark new vessel that would see an increase in resistance of 10-20%.

That was equivalent to average speed loss of only 1% compared with the benchmark. The ship owner can conclude that the fouling of the hull remains at a very low level and the trend continues being flat.



CMP believes “Technology” is a key requirement to be a reliable company in terms of both products and service to customer …

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