14 April 2023

CMP strives to reduce CO2 emission from ships with high performance hull coatings


Chugoku Marine Paints (CMP)’s SEAFLO NEO series, based on in-house developed and patented technology, was launched in 2010 and has presently estimated improvements of the energy efficiency for more than 3,000 ships, reducing their fuel consumption, on average, by 7.4 % and a total CO2-emission reduction of 50.5 million tons. *

Proven performance

SEAFLO NEO series (CF PREMIUM, M1 PLUS, SL Z, SL M and Z following SEAFLO NEO brand) come with proven fuel savings and excellent antifouling performance over 60 months, exemplified here by SEAFLO NEO series, saving on average 10 % fuel for 17 containerships, 14 tankers, 5 car carriers and 5 bulk carriers docked in recent years for a minimum of 60 months long service intervals.


Effective option for global regulation

All maritime stakeholders will benefit from utilizing SEAFLO NEO series in reaching their sustainability goals and improve their business models.

SEAFLO NEO series provides the fastest route to improved CII-rating and EEDI/EEXI-level. In addition, SEAFLO NEO series will increase the TCE (Time Charter Equivalent), enable increased charter hire while providing more competitive, guaranteed fuel and speed values and operational parameters in the time charter contract.

For your benefits

SEAFLO NEO series generates an ultra-low friction hull surface, reducing the absolute CO2-emissions of the vessel as well as minimizing the CO2-emissions throughout the service interval of a vessel via its antifouling properties using an optimized biocide package.

SEAFLO NEO series provides a FIR of down to 1.2 % - 1.5 % level (improving the EEDI/EEXI value) and a maximum average power increase of 4.5 % in a 60 months service interval (equivalent to 1.5 % speed loss, ISO 19030) which protects the CII-rating throughout the service interval.

Reach out to your CMP contact for a 360 degree hull energy efficiency analysis to see how you can benefit from SEAFLO NEO series.

*Compared to the vessel's previous coating systems – on average equivalent to CMP's standard SPC antifouling and an average daily fuel consumption of 25 tons.


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