CMP products qualified for offshore standards

NORSOK STANDARD M-501 Edition 6 protective coating system

NORSOK M-501 is a coating standard developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry to meet North sea operation in a harsh environments. The standard is used as a reference for worldwide projects of offshore facilities.

  • check_boxChugoku Marine Paints (CMP) has supplied various marine / offshore / industrial projects with various products approved for pre-qualified test by third parties, A part of CMP's pre-qualified systems are as follows.

  • check_boxSystem No.1 (Pre-qualified; For exposed zone on water) EPICON ZINC HB-2 SH (Zinc Epoxy coating) 60μm + BANNOH3000 (High Build Epoxy) 170μm + UNY MARINE HS (Polyurethane finish) 50μm

  • check_boxSystem No.7A (Pre-qualified; For splash zone) BANNOH 3000 (High Build Epoxy) 200μm x 3 coats

  • check_boxSystem No.7B (Pre-qualified; For submerged zone) BANNOH 3000 (High Build Epoxy) 175μm x 2 coats


  • checkNORSOK STANDARD M-501 Edition 6
  • checkIMO Resolution MSC215.(82) equivalent to System No.3B :BANNOH 3000

NORSOK STANDARD M-501 protective coating system

Renewable energy plants (e.g. offshore wind farm), Water Ballast Tanks for floating facilities and infrastructures (e.g. Steel bridges,), etc.

Offshore Windmill, Japan

Ponte Morandi, Italy (Source: WeBuild)


  • counter_1BIOCLEAN is high performance foul-release coating system developed by CMP, who have more than 40 years experience for marine / industrial market worldwide.

  • counter_2BIOCLEAN is developed with 3 key features of silicone polymer by Ultra smooth, Elasticity, Low surface energy.

  • counter_3Feature 1 Long term / Excellent antifouling performance : High chemical stability maintain the coating performance.

  • counter_4Feature 2 Environmentally Friendly : Low V.O.C. and biocide free. As an option there is a product with a low content of biocide.

  • counter_5Feature 3 Cost saving / Fuel saving : Excellent foul release performance ensure for superior fuel saving and low cost maintenance.

  • counter_6CMP have been supplying CMP BIOCLEAN series (for marine vessels) and BIOCLEAN ECO series (for industrial projects) worldwide.

Silicone antifouling in MOSE project in Italy


CMP’s products (such as BIOCLEAN ECO) have been adopted for the project for their high anti-corrosion performance, anti-fouling performance, and low environmental burden.

CMP BIOCLEAN Series (For marine use)

Over “400” applications for containerships, tankers, gas carriers, passenger boats, bulk carriers, coastal vessels, and renewable energy plants (e.g. offshore wind farm), etc.

BIOCLEAN ECO Series (For industrial use)

Over 500,000 sq.m application record for each water intake equipment (screen, water intake channel / pipe, etc.) in power stations, and water gates, etc.

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