Basic Sustainability Policy

We will contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society through our business activities and enhance the prosperity of all stakeholders.


We will continue to develop and provide superior products functionally and environmentally to contribute to sustainable growth of customers’ businesses and lowering their environmental impact.


We will first and foremost ensure health and safety of our employees, and make efforts to create a rewarding work environment and provide opportunities for growth so that each and every employee can bring out his or her best and play an active role.


We will build a relationship of co-existence and co-prosperity as a business partner of our suppliers, and will aim to realize a sustainable society with them through transactions that are considerate of the environment and human rights.

■Regional community

We will conduct business activities that are mindful of the environment and safety, and as a member of our regional community, will build amiable relationships with other members of the community and collaborate with them for regional revitalization and development.


By providing eco-friendly products, we will help customers reduce environmental impact, and proactively promote initiatives to cut greenhouse gas emissions and other waste in our business activities to contribute to preserving the Earth’s environment.

■Shareholders and investors

Based on appropriate corporate governance, we will strive to bring happiness to the abovementioned stakeholders and at the same time sustainably enhance corporate value in efforts to expand shareholder profits.

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